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Travel Research Is Worth My Time


I should probably start a diary to figure out how much time I spend on travel research.


I really enjoy doing it and I do it all the time.


A friend told me I could save time by just contacting a travel agent.


That was a very good idea.  I found some great resorts and a good deal I hadn't seen before.


I think I still did the same amount of online research.  The travel agent gave me new paces and ideas to research.  Any…


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Traveling To All Inclusive Resorts With Kids


Can someone tell me wonderful things about taking kids to an all inclusive resort?


I have a two year old and a four year old.


My wife wants us to find a last minute vacation, but I just keep thinking about the logistics of the kids.


Actually, it is mainly the airports and planes I worry about and maybe a little about sleeping arrangements.


As they get older, I'm getting closer to taking a family vacation.  I know it…


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