Will All Inclusive Resorts Fill Up With Cruisers?

I wonder if the cruise ship crash in Italy will lead to more people going to all inclusive resorts this year?


The pics of the cruise ship half under water must be an absolute disaster for the cruise industry.


I certainly felt a new vulnerability to the idea of going on a cruise.  I talked to my wife last year about taking our kids on a cruise.  Not so in to it anymore.


If a percentage of people who were going to go on a cruise this year end up going to all inclusive resorts, I see a few thing happening:


1.  Resorts will fill up faster meaning fewer deals and less availability.

2.  Cruisers will like the idea of not paying for drinks and will end up getting pretty drunk : )  

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This might actually lead more people to go on a cruise.  I know that sounds odd, but stick with me.  The cruise industry knows this is a disaster for the entire cruise industry.  They most likely will slash prices for the next few months if they see an immediate drop in sales.  The lower cruise prices coupled with higher airfares could lead some people to go on a cruise because it might end up being more affordable.


Still, I agree that all inclusive resorts are the best deal overall and many people will want to have their feet on solid ground after watching the pictures and video of a crashed cruise ship on its side and under water. 

This is going to be even worse than I expected.  I was thinking about the immediate effects of the images, but I hadn't thought about how long those images will remain. 


It will be tough to get that ship out of the water.  It is huge!  I guess it is moving a little bit and there is a large drop off only a few yards away.


Each live report from the sunken cruise ship will be more lost customers. 

I agree with Tom, repeat cruise customers may not let this deter them but I can certainly see where novice cruisers may put off a cruise now for a long time...the accident is an isolated incident, just like airline crashes...I have already noticed a slight drop in prices on cruises I typically salivate over and continue to watch, so now may be the best time to book a cruise pricewise.


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