Is Smoking Allowed At All Inclusive Resorts?

I have really enjoyed the no smoking laws here in the United States.  I go to bars and restaurants and no longer come home smelling like someone else's ash tray.  I have gotten so used to it that I really notice it if someone near me is smoking a cigarette.


I don't remember what the rules were the last time I was at an all incluive resort.


Do most all inclusive resorts have no smoking rules in place?


It would sway my decision if one resort allowed smoking and one didn't.


I primarily want to avoid smoking in the bars and restaurants, but I could see myself getting annoyed if smoke was wafting over to me while I was trying to relax by the pool or on the beach.

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Each resort chain is a little different.  Some allow smoking only on your balcony.  Some resorts still allow smoking in most areas of the resort with the exception of the non-smoking rooms. 


It would be interesting to see a percentage of resorts that still allow smoking in public areas.  Hopefully the number is being reduced each year.  I love going to restaurants and bars in the United States even more now that there is no chance of someone smoking near me.


Each destination is a little different too.  Mexico has some national laws that apply to the resorts.

Someone else asked me this same question.  If anyone is just getting back from a resort, it would be interesting to hear what the current policies are for smoking in public areas of the resort.


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