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A friend of mine asked me if I knew where to find the best gay friendly all inclusive resort vacation.


I told him that most resorts and destinations were pretty laid back and friendly, but I think he was looking for a resort where other gay couples and singles went.


For that question I had no answer.  Does anyone here know if there is an all inclusive resort or destination that is popular with gay singles and couples?

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I don't think your friend will find a resort that has a majority of guests being gay - although times are changing so they probably won't feel uncomfortable at most resorts.


He might want to do some searches for special events that might be located at an all inclusive resort.  Lots of conferences for a wide variety of topics are held each year at all inclusive resorts.  Perhaps there is a specific conference for the gay community or maybe a conference related to a topic that might attract more gay guests?


My other suggestion would be to find active gay communities in tropical destinations and then find an all inclusive resort close to that spot.  Other gay couples and singles might be doing the same thing.  For example, a quick search led me to "Club 69" in Playa del Carmen on the south end of 5th Avenue.  There are a few all inclusive resorts in that area.  I also remember a few Mexican destinations on the Pacific coast being mentioned as having active gay travel communities, but I don't remember which cities they were or if they are still active.


I hope this helps.  If anyone else can lend some knowledge to this question please do so. 

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Of coarse an experienced travel agent would also be able to accommodate your friend and recommend gay friendly destination and resort choices.


Hope this helps your friend out!!




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