Are Sandals resorts overpriced?


I have been doing research for an all inclusive resort vacation and can't quite figure out if it is worth paying to go to a Sandals resort.


The first thing I figured out is that the 65% off sale is more marketing than a deal.  Most of their resorts are 65% off, but the pirce is still comparable to other resorts in the same upscale category.  The thing that really gets me mad is that there is nothing special about the 65% off sale.  The website often says the deal ends at a certain date and time, but then another 65% off sale begins.


So if I ignore the "sale" they are offering, I need to figure out if the quoted price is worth paying for.  Most of the reviews are pretty good with only a few complaints.  The Sandals Royal in the Bahamas seems to be getting the most complaints, but that is not a resort I am considering.


The other all inclusve resorts I am considering are the Secrets and Palace resorts.  They also seem to be upscale resorts for couples only.  Oh, and speaking of COuples, I have also looked at th Couples resorts in Jamaica.


Does anyone have an opinion for which upscale all inclsuive resort is the best?  Is it worth paying the extra money to go to one of these upscale resorts?  Are Sandals resorts overpriced?  Are Sandals resorts too expensive?  I am thinking that the excessive marketing done by Sandals (along with the misleading 65% off sale) allows them to overprice their resorts.  Any help is appreciated.

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I would highly recommend the all inclusive resort concept, it's a great value! All Inclusive Outlet can provide you with lower rates than you will find by booking directly with the resort. While we do not carry Sandals resorts, our experienced travel agents can recommend other luxury, adults-only resorts such as Couples, Secrets or Palace. Please check us out online at  and/or give us a call at 888-403-2822. Hope this helps!


Also, if you're interested, we give away a free all inclusive resort stay every month. Sign up at


Julie Lowe
Digital Marketing Manager

All Inclusive Outlet

Why don't you sell Sandals resorts?  I have been considering booking a vacation at a Sandals resort, but I have been hearing both positives and negatives about their resorts.  Do you not sell them because there is something wrong with them or do they just not offer a suitable commission for your services?

We made a company decision to offer other all inclusives that cater to couples-only. Therefore, we proudly offer Couples Resorts in Jamaica since they have provided a great value to our clientele. If you would like to give us a call we'd be happy to make some recommendations and you can get quotes online 24/7.

I've heard some great things about the Couples Resorts in Jamaica.  I hope to stay at one of them someday, but this trip I have a rule that I can't go to Jamaica.  Negril is one of my favorite places on Earth so I have flown into the Montego Bay airport numerous times.


I have been thinking about going to the Sandals resort in Antigua, but I haven't made my reservations yet.  My only other rule is that I prefer to avoid Cancun because I like smaller, more remote areas away from the larger tourist areas.

P.S.  I'll give your site a look and see what I can find.

Well, we have quite a few destinations to choose from (including Antigua) so I am sure you can find something you like. As far as Cancun goes, you may consider the Riviera Maya area south of Cancun. You can fly into Cancun and get there pretty quickly but you will feel like you're a million miles away from Cancun.

I just visited El Dorado Casitas Royale and El Dorado Seaside Suites and I highly recommend them. Seaside Suites in particular would be great if you want to feel like you're away from everything. It's a smaller resort, about 1 hr from Cancun and it's full of palm trees. It's so lush and romantic and the property is a great size. Not too big but still plenty of pools and restaurants. The Casitas is on a larger property but is VERY nice and we have a great sale on it right now that ends 1/31.

Hope this helps. Take care.


I have stayed at the Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica and do not feel that it is at all overpriced compared to comparable all inclusive resorts. 

Last year we I stayed at Secrets in Jamaica.  Although it was a nice resort, it was not nearly as nice as Sandals.  The restaurants had several items listed that we were told were "unavailable", the beach was such that you were unable to walk very far, and the staff wasn't nearly as good as the staff at Sandals was.

yes, Sandals is generally overpriced otherwise I would go much more frequently...I haven't yet found a specific site which I felt offered good deals some of the time.  In regards to other all-inclusives, it depends on what you want out of them and how much your budget is.  For example, if a fantastic beach is your thing, Secrets Maroma would be a great choice--the beach was voted one of the world's best beaches by Travel Channel for the last 4 yrs I believe...If you are a foodie I've heard a lot of good things about the food  at Azul all-inclusives, if you are a spa person the Aventura Spa Palace (going to be called Hard Rock Riviera Maya I think) or le Blanc are supposed to be great (however, le Blanc is in Cancun which you mentined is out of your possible choices).  I got back from Barcelo Puerto Vallarta last Oct. and thought it was a great deal and a beautiful resort, but that place is great if you are going just to lie in the sun by the pool...have fun in your research! 


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