All Inclusive Resorts With Spa Services Included?

Does anyone know of an all inclusive resort where the spa services are included in the price?

I enjoy getting a massage and some other spa treatments while on vacation, but I always stress about adding more costs to my vacation budget.

My husband has the same problem with golf course greens fees, but he can find all inclusive resorts where the greens fees are included. He gets to go golfing without stressing about the extra cost being added to the vacation. I want to find the same type of situation with spa services.

I've done a few searches on the internet, but I can't find anything about all inclusive resorts with spa prices included.

If you could help me find a few options, I would be very greatful.

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Often, all-inclusives offer $250 spa credit when booking higher end suites. Sandals is running a special right now.
Hi Wendy,

Do you know if the Sandals spa credit is $250 to be used at the spa with no strings attached or do I have to spend a certain amount at the spa in order to get $250 off?
There are many spa treatments under $250 at Sandals and no strings attached. You do have to schedule your spa in advance, once you arrive to the resort.
Thanks - that sounds like what I am looking for and I like Sandals.
Here's the info on the Sandals Spa credit:

Looks like I need to book right away (although Sandals always says that and then they extend or renew their deals) and I need to stay for at least 7 nights.

Otherwise, I don't see any other strings attached. Looks good!
Hi Lea,
Almost all resorts market this way. It is frustrating for everyone, but I think you have to decide what you want in a vacation. Marketing is marketing, but most important... each person has to decide what's important. I stumbled across this blog today and saw the Sandals post. OK...I am a Preferred Agent with Sandals Resorts and believe it important to read to good, bad and ugly. As a travel consultant, it's important for me to pass on this type of concern to my business development manager.
Let me know if you have any other questions about Sandals. I've literally been to every property!!! Leaving for training April 15 and I'll pass on the blog concern about promos.
By the way, the best spa is Negril, but for your husband....St. Lucia Regency includes golf and the spa is excellent! If you go to St. Lucia...take the helicopter transfer to the resort! It is amazing and worth the extra money.
Do you know how much the helicopter transfer is? I hear the roads in St. Lucia are terrible and it takes awhile to get to the Sandals resorts. If it isn't too much, I might consider it to get a look at the island and sea from above while also avoiding the long bumpy ride.
I booked a couple celebrating 20th wedding anniversary a last year and they loved it! I think it was $200 for both, but 4 people needed to be booked. Not a problem as agents work together to get the heli filed. I can check my records Monday to see what it cost.
It flew from the airport over the volcanos, ocean and gave an entire view from above of St. Lucia. Landed 5 minutes from St. Lucia Grand where Sandals picked them up. The drive to the Grand & Regency is about an hour, but never had clients complain about roads. Just have to be aware that it is not right by the airport. I'll post on Monday the exact cost. Think you'd love it!!!!
Thanks for the advice Wendy!

I have looked at St. Lucia for many years and have always wanted to go. The golf/spa combo sounds perfect. Not sure when I will go, but I'll read a bunch of reviews for Sandals Regency over the next few weeks.

Not sure if I could do the helicopter transfer. It sounds like it woul dbe faster and have great views, but I'm not very good with heights so I don't know how I would feel in a small helicopter.
Hi Lea,
Also, look at Emerald Bay. The Greg Norman golf course is the best and spa is available. Neither are included in the price, but 5 star former Four Seasons resort. Emerald Bay is the first all-inclusive butler resort where every villa has butler service. The Golf Channel is airing a special on Emerald Bay in June. Don't know the specific date, but I'll keep this site posted. Just opened a few months ago and reviews are growing. Prices are fantastic right now during the Grand Opening.


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